Overlooking the valley from the Ripplebrook Library

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies... The man who never reads lives only one" - George R.R Martin.

This is the Ripplebrook Library. Home to many fascinating book collections, the library is based in the heart of the Victorian bush, Australia. Founded in 1927 following the first depression the library was constructed a top a hill overlooking a the Gippsland Valley. The library's surrounding scenary is the perfect combination for avid readers with dense bushland of one side and large green fields on the other. The foundation itself was originally constructed as a school for the local children, before being shutdown due to low enrollment rates. It now serves as a library lost to the wilderness, offering nothing but solace and peaceful reading sessions.

With the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic the Ripplebrook library has struggled to remain open, despite gaining more popularity as a study destination to local students. As things begin to revert back to normal everyday life, we would greatly appreciate any support. Our vision is one where we hope to continue offering our free services to the public.

This website provides an overview to promote the collection and does not represent the whole selection. The books shown on this site are all available from our library. If you plan on borrowing or reading a book from our collection, please remember other people also use this library. While we have multiple of many books, rarer and less popular items may not always be in available. To help prevent these unfortunate circumstances ring us prior to coming so we can put aside the book of your desire.

You can contact the Ripplebrook library at : 5924 6931

Please also remember that the collection we provide has been gathered over a twenty year period and many of the novels pre-date that and are very old. To satisfy our community members and future readers we ask that you provide your details before taking a book home and store it in a safe place when not actively reading it. Thank you for your cooperation.

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The Fire Thief Collection:


Our Fire Thief Colletion is currently complete and consists of all three books in the trilogy.

  1. The Fire Thief
  2. Flight of the Fire Thief
  3. The Fire Thief Fights Back

The Fire Thief:
Prometheus a young demigod has been sentenced to to eternal torture by the leader of the Greek pantheon, Zeus. Everyday he must wait chained to a rock overlooking the world. His liver is ripped out by a great winged fury each morning, while the day presents him with the pain of regeneration... One day Prometheus is freed by the Greek hero, Hercules, and espaces to the human world below. Set a task by Zeus to find a "true" human hero or face imprisonment again, Prometheus must navigate the city of Eden in search of one such hero before the fury finds him once again.

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The Well of Echoes Collection:


The Ripplebrook Library's Three Worlds Collection currently only has three books in the twelve book series.

  1. Geomancer
  2. Tetrarch
  3. Torments of the Traitor

The Three Worlds:
The three worlds collection by Ian Irvine takes the reader to the fantasy world of Santhenar. A world ravaged by war and mysteries. It focusses around a human artisan called Tiaan, as she fights with her constant dreams of global apocolypse. She learns from an elder that her dreams are not just mere dreams, but visions from the Aachim (Santhenar's world soul), calling to her for help.

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The Matthew Reilly Collection:

sacred stone
seven wonders

The Matthew Reilly Collection is the smallest and newest of all our current collections. It currently consists of:

  1. Contest
  2. The Six Sacred Stones
  3. Seven Ancient Wonders

Radiologist, Stephen Swain is warped into an alien contest known as the Presidian. To gain his indepence and leave the contest alive he must win the Presidian. The only problem in order to win, he must kill all the other contestents. Many of the other contestents are alien life forms that are far superior to a simple humanbeing. Will Swain survive or will he be killed savagely in the contest?

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The Warcraft Chronicles

Rise of The Horde
Jaina Proudmoore

The Warcraft Collection of the Ripplebrook Library is the largest in Victoria. It currently consists of the first eleven books of the series.

  1. Rise of the Horde
  2. Cycle of Hatred
  3. Tides of Darkness
  4. The Well of Eternity Trilogy
  5. Night of the Dragon
  6. Warcraft Archive
  7. Arthas
  8. Stormrage
  9. Wolfheart
  10. Tides of War
  11. War Crimes

Enter the worlds of Draenor and Azeroth with an ever growing cast of characters that includes drunken dwarves, meticulous elves, savage orcs, noble humans and more. Experience the foundations of the infamous Horde through the eyes of Draka and Durotan. Learn the many magics of the world and how to use them with the Lady Jaina Proudmoore. Witness the journey of Lordaeron's crown prince, Arthas, as he falls into darkness and despair. A world of adventure awaits you inside the world of warcraft.

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Classic Literature:

Great Expectations
Les Miserables
Wuthering Heights

Our classics section contains many European classic novels and plays. Commonly featured authours include, William Shakespeare, Victor Hugo, Mary Shelley and the Bronte sisters.

  1. Romeo & Juliet
  2. Great Expectations
  3. Frankenstein
  4. Pygmalion
  5. To Kill a Mockingbird
  6. Les Miserables
  7. Jane Eyre
  8. Life of Galileo
  9. Wuthering Heights

Classical Literature:
Many of the texts covered here are commonly borrowed by both students and lovers of literature alike. Many of these novels tackle societal expectations and are emotional critiques of the problems present during their era of origin. Whether you are infatuated with the romantic Romeo Montague, curious about lonely Abel Magwitch or infuriated at the arrogant Victor Frankenstein, there are both loveable and loathable characters here. If you desire a copy of one or more of these texts for school or university, please tell us and we can organise a six-month loan for you.

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"Bushland" - Painted by Miss Olivia Pinto.

"The best library around!" - Catherine Flair
"Great customer service! They were very helpful with my essay on All The Pretty Horses!" - Katie Bell
"Beautiful scenery! The Ripplebrook Library is a prime location for studying or just reading. There are plenty of places to escape to your book. " - Stephanie Fellwater

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The conservationist of this collection that willingly shares his books with the many like minded avid readers is no other than N.J. Bagnall. Mr Bagnall has traversed the world following his passion for literature. One of his most memorable sayings is:

"A thought is only the start of an adventure!" - N.J. Bagnall

He believes all individuals should have access to the great works of the world, allowing them to learn from the morals and teachings they represent. The pieces on display on this website are but a portion of the real collection. The collection can be viewed in full at the Ripplebrook Library. Mr Bagnall is also the founder of "Ugly Dog Studios" which is the cooperation behind the Ripplebrook Library and the reason for its existence. Ugly Dog was founded in 1996 and was originally an animation company that specialised in short promotional videos for computer games. It has since become one of the largest conglomerates in the southern hemisphere and supports many family companies whose specialties include but not limited to: concept automobiles, graphic animation, computer entertainment, computer cases, sports apparel, book editing and publishing, online news reporting and more.

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